How to start your own Bitcoin stock fund and earn money from Bitcoin via market research

In a world where investors have to buy Bitcoin to invest in Bitcoin stocks, it’s an important decision to make.For example, if you’re looking to invest at $10 per share, you’re investing $10 in the value of Bitcoin in your account, and you’re earning $10.But if you start investing at $100, you’ll be earning $100 from your Bitcoin investments.For most […]

How to get your next viral tweet noticed by Twitter

Twitter, once the world’s most powerful social media network, is undergoing a major transformation.The social media giant has announced that it’s overhauled its ad strategy and is experimenting with more direct advertising.It has also made a significant push to bring more content to its platform, including video, images, and video podcasts.But one of the biggest changes is its ad team.According […]

Israel’s ‘free market’ economy is an economic model for peace

Israel’s economy is one of the most innovative in the world, according to a leading Israeli think tank.In a report published on Wednesday, the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies (INSS) said that Israel has the “world’s first open, free market economy”, with the “very best” free trade agreements with countries in the region, and the “most liberal” tax system in […]

Which Irish banks should you buy?

Northgate Market is an emerging market financial services company, with its flagship product, the Marketo, an automated broker-dealer platform.It has recently acquired two more firms, Fidus and Marketo.Its chief executive, Simon McEvoy, said that the two firms had the potential to be a huge source of liquidity for investors.Northgate is one of a number of Irish firms to buy and […]

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