How to trade stock in China

How to trade stock in China

CHINA–(AP) — A new app that allows investors to trade stocks, bonds and other financial instruments in China has gone viral.

The app, called China Stock Market, allows users to buy and sell stocks, stocks and bonds, including stocks and bond options.

China Stock Markets was developed by a Beijing-based investment bank called FIC Group and launched last week.

The app’s website says it will provide access to over 10,000 stock exchanges in China, and that its platform can be used for mutual funds, mutual funds and ETFs.

The website says the app offers investors the ability to trade in yuan, the Chinese currency.

It offers more than 10,500 stocks, including U.S. tech stocks and Chinese stocks, the firm said.

The website says China Stock markets allows users the opportunity to buy, sell and trade securities without needing to set up an account.

China Stock Markets launched in March, with a focus on trading stocks in China and a U.K.-based market, and now has more than 15 million registered users, according to FIC.FIC Group’s website said the app “provides access to a global market of more than 20,000 stocks that allow investors to choose and purchase securities in yuan or other international currencies without needing an account.”

It does not provide the trading data for the apps.

The company said the platform allows users “to buy and trade a wide range of equity and equity options.”

The app says users can search the stocks on the platform for “buy and sell orders,” and can use the search function to choose which stock to buy or sell.

China’s stock market is regulated by the People’s Bank of China.

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