How to understand the market’s top 10 products

How to understand the market’s top 10 products

A look at the top 10 companies in the food market segmentation for a variety of categories shows that the most important category for food products is the “health” market segment.

For instance, according to the Market Intelligence report, “health foods” accounted for 42% of the food products sold in the United States last year.

The remaining 8% of food products were made up of “foods for personal care,” “food for the home,” and “food and beverages.” 

The Market Intelligence analysis also showed that “food” was the only category where the top three food brands accounted for more than a third of sales in 2016. 

Here are the top ten health foods companies in 2016: 1. 

Kosher Foods, Inc. Kosher is one of the world’s leading suppliers of kosher meat products, kosher dairy products, and kosher eggs.

Kosher Foods Inc. also supplies the food for home and home care, including pet foods.

Koshers produce meat and poultry products, including poultry products for dogs, cats, and horses.

The company is based in Brooklyn, New York.


Coca-Cola Co. Coca Cola has been the world leader in Coca-Cola beverages for over 100 years.

The beverages company makes Coca-Colas, Coca-Barts, and Coca-Lands.


General Mills General’s brands include Peanut Butter and Jelly, Nutella, and the Honey Nut Bar.


Sears Holdings, Inc..

Sears is a world leader and innovator in the specialty and consumer goods industries.

The Company has more than 1,000 stores and more than 50,000 employees in more than 150 countries.


Pepsico Inc. Pepsico is a leading producer of specialty foods and beverages.

The companies are headquartered in Corona, California. 6. 

Fanta Fana Foods is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world.

The global business includes the production of fruit, vegetables, fruits and herbs, as well as fresh fruit juices and juices for the specialty food and beverage industries. 7. 

Nestlé Foods Inc., Nests is the world market leader in the beverage and soft drinks business.

Nestlé operates more than 10,000 restaurants and stores in more a hundred countries, including in more and more of Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Bubble Brands, Inc., The company owns, operates and operates nearly 200 supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores and other retail outlets.

The brands include Jell-O, Jello, Supermax, and Nutella. 


McDonald’s, Incorporated is a family of companies, with headquarters in San Francisco, California, where the company is headquartered.

The restaurant chain has more U.S. restaurants than any other major company. 


Jamba Juice, Inc.–The company is a multi-brand foodservice company that sells over 2,500 flavors of juice.

The beverage and beverage products include sports drinks, juices, juices for home use, and home condiments.

The majority of Jamba’s revenue comes from the beverages, including sports drinks and juices. 

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