I went on the wild side at a New York amish farm market

I went on the wild side at a New York amish farm market

In the late summer of 2016, a small group of friends, business associates, and farm workers set off for a farm in the heart of the Amish town of Biddeford, New York.

It was their first day out and they were heading for a new location that was being developed for an Amish-run restaurant called The Diner, a nod to the diner they had all been longing for.

They were hoping to make some money on the new venture, but the market was too far away and too crowded for the two of them to manage.

“I thought, I don’t want to be here anymore,” recalls Tony, who was 21 years old and the only one who could be counted on to be around for the rest of their days.

“It was hard to take care of myself.

My friends were not making much money.

I was so stressed out.

I felt like I needed to do something.”

Tony had a lot of good friends, but he was struggling to make ends meet.

He had only been a farm worker for about a year, but by the time they reached their new home, he was already struggling to survive.

“We were on the verge of losing everything,” Tony says.

“When we were on our way to our new house, we realized it was our only chance to make it work.”

It wasn’t an easy transition for Tony, whose life had been so changed by his experience as a farmworker that he had struggled with depression for months.

“People think that the Amis have a lot to do with depression, but it’s more than that,” he says.

It is difficult for farmers to work with people who are suffering, and that’s something that Tony and his friends learned to deal with through the kindness of others.

Tony was able to overcome his depression by working on his farm, making more money, and eventually finding a job on a nearby ranch.

“You learn from people,” Tony explains.

“They have a heart of gold.”

The Diners restaurant was built on the farm of a friend, Tony, and a group of Amish people that Tony met while working on the ranch.

It’s a small, quaint space that serves breakfast and dinner for up to six people.

The dining room is covered in an intricate pattern of flowers, animals, and images of animals, including a peacock and a black bear.

A mural adorns the wall of the dining room, which features images of the animals in a variety of ways: from a bear, a chicken, and an ant, to a cow and a deer, and so on.

There are also signs that point to the food and beverages that are served on the menu.

The menu features local and organic foods from local vendors, including local dairy, meat, and poultry.

There is a local organic wine program, and it offers wine tastings, so you can learn about the history of wine and the region.

There’s a live animal show every night that includes the Amishes and their neighbors, including cows, deer, goats, pigs, and chickens.

There also is a children’s dance and music event every night.

“Theres always something that makes us feel good,” Tony recalls.

“Everyone has their favorite place, and we have our favorite places to go.”

Tony is the founder of The Dining Room, which opened in March of this year.

The Dinner is an offshoot of The Bistro in New York City, which Tony founded and manages.

The Bostons restaurant has also been a fixture in the Ami community for a long time.

“If we get enough support, we can go back and do it all over again,” Tony adds.

“There are some great food vendors around here.”

The Bists have been on the map since 2009, when they opened their first location in Brooklyn.

It has been on their menu since 2014, and has expanded from their Brooklyn location to other parts of the country.

“At first, we thought, ‘We are a small business and we don’t have a million dollars,'” Tony says, adding that he was not expecting that much support for a restaurant that serves a variety-based menu.

“But we never thought that we would get this much support from so many people.”

Tony says that the majority of the restaurant’s funding comes from a large, well-funded foundation, which is not something that he could have expected.

The restaurant also has a nonprofit partner that works with them to make sure that the food is produced in a sustainable manner.

The food is also produced in the U.S. from local and sustainable sources, and is sourced locally.

“Its hard for people to see that this is not just for the Amuses,” Tony said.

“These are local and local foods.

Its amazing to see.”

The diner has been praised for its dedication to the Amisin economy.

In fact, Tony says the restaurant has been a catalyst for the establishment of

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