“It’s a bit late to be buying the stock market”

“It’s a bit late to be buying the stock market”

In the summer of 2015, investors were still reeling from the devastating economic crisis.

Investors had been expecting a stock market crash for years.

And it was coming.

But instead of jumping on the market, they sold stocks and bought back shares.

So, what happened to the market that crashed?

Investors have been trying to find out, so they’re trying to understand the market’s crash.

The answer, as the story goes, is that it didn’t happen the way investors had been told.

Here’s how it went wrong.

Investors in the market knew the crash was coming Investors in early 2014 were betting on the health of the US economy.

And those bets were paying off.

The economy was improving and stock prices were rising.

And that optimism was fueling investors’ confidence.

They saw that the stock price was rising as fast as the economy.

They believed that the US stock market was about to surpass the all-time high of $5,000.

That meant the market was primed for another bull market.

Investors were confident that the markets bubble would burst.

The market did burst.

But the market did not explode.

It was not a crash.

Rather, it was a slow and steady decline in the value of the S&P 500 index over the course of the next four years.

This is how the market ended up collapsing.

Investors didn’t invest enough The market was not inflating too much.

And investors weren’t investing enough.

The reason for the market crash was that investors were not diversifying.

That is, they were not buying a lot of stocks.

They were buying a little bit of everything.

That’s because the market didn’t have enough people to take on the risk of investing.

This lack of diversification contributed to the crash.

Investors weren’t diversifying enough to keep up with the market The market’s price was still rising at a healthy pace.

So when the crash happened, investors felt like they had to make up for lost time.

They could have bought stock and invested money.

But that would have made it a lot more difficult to maintain the price of the stock.

Instead, they kept buying stocks and hoping that the price would keep rising.

So the market fell.

And the people who owned stocks and the investors who invested money were both hurt.

Investors lost money Investors lost billions.

In the past year, the S &T index has lost almost $1 trillion.

That translates into $15,000 for every man, woman and child.

The total market value of all the stocks in the S;amp=amp&ampgt; S&amps=amp;lt;/amp;S&ampamp;gt; index fell by about $4.3 trillion.

The value of stocks in other sectors also dropped in the past 12 months, according to a study published in March of this year by the New York Stock Exchange.

For example, the value in financial services fell by $6.3 billion.

Investors got squeezed Investors got hurt because they weren’t able to buy the S.&amp=amps;amp> Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) or the Nasdaq composite index, which have both grown in value over the past few years.

The S&am;t index, for example, has grown by more than $30 trillion.

So investors had to put more money into stocks.

Investors who had invested the most lost the most Investors who were willing to put their money into the stock markets lost the biggest share of the gains.

This explains why, over the long term, the average investor lost more than the average S<ampgt=ampamp&lt=amp%&amplt;gt=am;amp% market.

And this is where the financial sector’s big problem is.

The financial sector is not diversified Because the financial system doesn’t have the liquidity to lend to investors, it can’t borrow.

So it can only invest money.

This means that, while the financial industry can lend money, it cannot buy stock.

This creates a big financial problem for investors.

The result of this is that investors have to buy back their stocks to keep them afloat.

This, in turn, leads to investors losing money.

The big losers are those who own stocks and those who invest money The financial industry is not big enough to buy or lend money to other parts of the economy The financial system’s biggest problem is that the financial market is not very big.

For a stock to be a stock, it must be able to pay off the debts of the owner.

For this to happen, it needs to be able give investors more than they are willing to pay back.

The bigger the financial markets are, the more they are able to lend.

So a bigger financial system can’t lend as much as it can buy.

That means that the less money investors are willing and able to put into the financials, the worse things get for investors and the worse the financial bubble is going to get.

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