New book on the dangers of opioid use in Australia

New book on the dangers of opioid use in Australia

A new book on opioid use among Australian teens and young adults is raising concerns about the dangers and misuse of opioids in the country.

The book, The Poison Inside: The Truth About Opioid Addiction in Australia, by Dr Michelle Skelton, is due for release on the eve of the International Day Against Drug Addiction, which is being commemorated by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday.

Dr Skelston says she has spent a career as a paediatrician treating children and adolescents who have suffered addiction.

“They are often young people, often in a very vulnerable and dysfunctional environment, often with behavioural problems,” Dr Szelton said.

“Often they don’t realise that the pain they are experiencing is not normal, but that they are at risk for addiction, and they have the potential to become dependent on the opioid.”

“The most common type of opioid overdose that I see in young people is the opioid overdose.”

“They’re often very vulnerable, and often very young people.

They’re often in situations where they’re not yet self-sufficient and they’re struggling to find an alternative.”

Dr Sselton says there are a number of reasons that young people may be reluctant to seek help.

“The reasons for that may be that they feel that there’s a lack of understanding around opioids, or they don

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