New York’s $20 million internet ad blitz is turning into a media bonanza

New York’s $20 million internet ad blitz is turning into a media bonanza

NY, NY (AP) — New York state’s internet advertising blitz turned into a $20-million media bonanzas, as media outlets across the country scrambled to create and promote their own web-based video ads for an online bidding war.

The campaign is the first to feature live TV and radio.

The goal is to help local TV stations and newspapers with their own online advertising.

A video campaign that ran on local TV in June was watched more than 200 million times and generated more than $8.4 million in ad revenue, according to a news release from the New York Public Library.

The next step, a video campaign for a local paper in September, was watched about 3.2 million times.

“This is the kind of advertising that is going to go on in the future,” said Robert H. Kiely, the library’s executive director for digital advertising.

He said that New York could be next to join a growing list of cities with their first internet ad auctions.

Kiesel said he expected to see more of this type of bidding in the coming months.

“If we can build this infrastructure in this market, that will be a huge boost,” he said.

He expects to start seeing more of the bidding come online in the near future.

The bidding on the campaign will begin on the first of the year, with the first online ad being up and running in New York City’s Times Square area by July 1.

A separate bidding campaign for New York radio stations is expected to be up and operating by mid-August.

“Our goal is that every station in the state will be able to get their own video,” Kieser said.

“It’s going to be a very competitive bidding war.”

The bid comes as the state’s Internet Advertisers Bureau is considering a proposal to allow internet advertising to be allowed on the state website.

Kielys plan calls for the advertising to run on the front page of the New Yorkers General Assembly website and on a separate page dedicated to the statewide ballot.

He would also like to see the online ads to include information about the campaign and the candidate running for the seat.

The internet ads will run in conjunction with the state lottery, which is currently limited to a maximum of $100,000 per campaign, Kiesele said.

The lottery is an online auction platform that lets people buy and sell lottery tickets, and online advertising is a form of digital advertising, Kiely said.

A website for the New Markets lottery also is being considered, but he declined to say whether it would include ads for online video ads.

“We want to be clear that the lottery is not the vehicle for this,” he told the AP.

He also said the campaign was aimed at helping local media outlets with their online advertising and not the lottery itself.

“The state lottery has not been the target of any bids,” he added.

“They’re just going to have to look at the online bidding.”

New York also plans to put up its own website with ads for television and radio stations to bid on in September.

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