China says no to US-led deal to build new ‘super-fast’ internet network

China’s top communications regulator has told the Trump administration that the United States cannot use a “super-slow” internet connection to achieve its goals of building a global broadband network and cutting down on data caps.The move, which has been interpreted by some as an effort to stoke fears of a Chinese military takeover of the US internet, has raised questions […]

Which is better for modern Israelis: modern or traditional?

The traditional Israeli diet is better than the modern one.The modern one is better.But the traditional one is more important than the new, healthier ones.So we’ll give it to you: Modern, vegetarian, and vegan diets are superior.Modern Israeli farmers produce more meat than their predecessors.They also produce more produce than they did in the 1930s and 40s.This has resulted in […]

A lot of money for ‘The Last Jedi’ prequel trilogy

New York Times bestselling author Luke Skywalker and his wife Princess Leia Organa have donated $2 million to the production of a new prequel film titled “The Last Dragon,” the New York Post reports.The announcement was made at a lavish premiere in London on Sunday night.The two actresses, who co-star in the new film, announced the donation during a special […]

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