How to get your next viral tweet noticed by Twitter

Twitter, once the world’s most powerful social media network, is undergoing a major transformation.The social media giant has announced that it’s overhauled its ad strategy and is experimenting with more direct advertising.It has also made a significant push to bring more content to its platform, including video, images, and video podcasts.But one of the biggest changes is its ad team.According […]

Which NFL players will tweet more during the season?

Dekalbeek Marketer, who also operates DekALB Farmers Market, told NFL Network’s “NFL Today” that he will tweet as much as he can during the pregame and halftime shows.He said he has the best Twitter following in the league, but has been asked to tweet more frequently this season.The Minnesota Vikings are a favorite target for the Twitter users, as are […]

Facebook: “People are getting tired of this.”

TechCrunch article Facebook’s recent announcements about its upcoming new social media strategy include an emphasis on “engagement,” an idea that was a popular one in the digital advertising space a decade ago.The company’s new approach was first introduced in April 2016, when the company unveiled “Engage” as its new “Social Media Marketing” strategy, and it has since been adopted by […]

Social Media Marketing Tips

How do I use social media marketing to sell products?You want to sell something.If you don’t, you’re going to lose money.I’m going to give you the right tools, the right strategy, and the right marketer to get your product out to the people who need it.Here are some tips on how to use social marketing to help you sell your […]

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