The 10 best markets in metro Atlanta

The 10 best markets in metro Atlanta

In January, the National Geographic Travel Guide team ranked metro Atlanta’s 10 best cities for dining.

It ranked the 10 best restaurants, bars and pubs, plus two of our favorite shopping malls, with our favorite outdoor attractions, a list of the top 100 restaurants in Atlanta and a list with the 10 most visited spots in Atlanta.

You’ll find our recommendations below, along with a roundup of our favorites.

We know that many of our readers love reading about the best things to do and see, so we’ve added an additional section.

This section will include all the top markets and bars in metro, as well as the top five restaurants in metro.

We also included a list for the 10 Best Markets in Atlanta, along to give you a more comprehensive look at the city.

We’ll also list the 10 Most Visited Places in Atlanta along with the top 10 Best Restaurants in metro and the 10 Cities Most Visiting Restaurants.

The National Geographic team has also included some information for the best shopping malls in metro (and their restaurants) along with top 10 best local shops.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the content in the sections below.

Our top 10 markets in Atlanta: The best of the best: Five restaurants and bars on the list:

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