The Amish market’s biggest move in three months

The Amish market’s biggest move in three months

The Amishes are the only group of people who don’t have the right to own or own shares in a company, which makes it impossible for the Amish to own shares of big tech companies like Apple or Facebook.

Amish leaders have been trying to get their own shares listed on the stock market for years, but haven’t gotten much traction.

The Amish want to have their own companies on the New York Stock Exchange, but the rules are strict and the companies have been forced to go through a number of hoops to get on the exchange.

It’s a difficult road.

The current version of the Amishes Stock Market ETF, which allows the Amishers to own up to a $2 million stake in a listed company, is the first of its kind to go public.

The AmISH ETF aims to attract investment from other Amish families, and also to help provide support to Amish businesses.

The company will invest $2.5 million in an Amish stock fund that will invest in Amish companies and the AmISH family of companies, including the Amisch Amish Company, which is owned by the Amichaiel Amish family of Amish people.

The company will also invest in the Amischamp Amish company.

The $2,500 fund will invest at least $2 billion, according to the Amisha Corporation, which owns the company.

The corporation is the Amisher company’s investment arm, and it’s responsible for managing the funds that are used to invest in a stock.

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