UK banks are looking at raising £30bn from public equity in new fund

UK banks are looking at raising £30bn from public equity in new fund

The Bank of England has raised money from the UK’s biggest private equity firm and is in the process of setting up a new public equity fund that would allow investors to put money into the economy.

In an announcement today, the central bank said it would put £30 billion into a new fund which would allow firms to invest in the economy through public equity.

The new fund would be a private equity fund managed by an international fund manager, which would be run by the Bank of the United Kingdom, which is responsible for overseeing the banks’ lending and money market operations.

The £30-billion fund would then be owned by private investors.

The announcement comes as the UK government’s flagship plan to raise more than £20 billion a year from the private sector to support the economy has faced opposition from some senior figures, including the finance secretary, Philip Hammond.

The fund is the first part of a plan to inject more than $200 billion into the country’s economy through borrowing, the latest part of which will be used to fund a new capital grant scheme to encourage private investment in the public sector.

The plan has been delayed in recent months due to the financial crisis, but is set to be fully introduced by the end of 2019.

The chancellor said he wanted to raise the £10 billion from a new private equity investment fund, known as the Treasury Private Equity Fund, and set up a fund to fund the public services.

He said the fund would not rely on public sector assets, and would be managed by a public equity firm.

The plans are aimed at boosting investment in public services and cutting the need for borrowing.

Hammond said he would also support the government’s £5 billion plan to create a new tax-free fund for people with children, but he said he did not want to see the fund become a “puppet” of the public service.

The Bank of Ireland, which runs the UK banking system, has said it will continue to provide credit to businesses that need it, while Lloyds Banking Group said it was looking to raise funds from its own fund.

The government said it had already set up an investment fund to invest capital in infrastructure.

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