When do you have to tell your employer?

When do you have to tell your employer?

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the BBC News website, which launched in 1963.

Over the years, news organisations have struggled to make money from their services and in a few instances have closed their doors. 

But there are some who still rely on the news channel for a vital part of their work, with a new report from the think tank, The Economist, pointing out the role the BBC can play in society.

“The BBC is an organisation with a very long history, and its role in Britain’s history has been as a vital and vital part, and we have to remember that for our future as a nation,” said the report’s co-author, Nick Davies.

“It has always been the BBC’s duty to tell the stories of people and countries, whether it be to educate the public about the people who make up our nation, or to help us understand them.”

The Economist report also reveals that, despite its huge commercial reach, the BBC has not always been viewed as an equal partner to newspapers and TV channels.

The report says the BBC is currently the only national broadcaster to earn more than half of its revenue from advertising.

The paper notes that the BBC spent an average of $10.2m (£6.9m) per day in 2011-12.

The newspaper also notes that newsrooms in many countries are facing a shortage of staff and that the number of jobs at national broadcasters is on the rise.

The BBC’s global reach is largely down to the UK’s ability to offer access to information at the fastest pace in the world, which the paper says has helped it “capture audiences around the world”.

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