Why you should go to the farmers market, say shoppers

Why you should go to the farmers market, say shoppers

The best way to get fresh produce at the farmers markets and other markets in the area is to go there, said Linda Riggs, the president of the Hartsville Farmers Market Association.

“You’re going to get the freshest produce available.”

Riggs said she had never seen so much fresh produce this early in the season.

“We have two full days, four or five hours of fresh produce,” Riggs said.

Ricky Davis, owner of Sweet Pea Farms, said he has never seen a market this busy.

“It’s a very special experience,” Davis said.

“There’s a ton of fresh food available, and I love to go and see the animals.”

The market is open all year long, but the season starts late in February.

“I think it’s just going to grow in popularity,” Ritchie said.

This summer, the farmers’ market in Hartsfield opened up to the public and has been an immediate success.

According to Riggs and other farmers, it’s hard to beat a great market.

“You’re just going out there and enjoying the fruits of your labor,” Riggins said.

Riggs is a native of New England and grew up on a farm.

Her family farm is the oldest in the region, and she said she is the first person to grow apples for a supermarket.

This year, the Hartville Farmers’ Market is taking its place on the National Farmers Market map.

If you’d like to take a tour of the market, you can do so by visiting

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